For weed control
Eco weedkiller

What are the benefits gained using
Eco weedkiller?

Safety, because the active substance is water which does not damage surfaces or structures, there is no risk of fire, nor
damage to trees or scrubs. The Eco WeedKiller does not cause soil acidification and therefore contribute to moss growth and the - equipment operators do not need the Plant protection training and certification (compulsory for professional users of plant protection products in Finland) or the Hot Work License needed in flaming weeds.

There is no need for advance notices to inform of weed control at a property, nor is there need to remove the dead plant material afterward.

Treated areas are safe to use immediately after the treatment by children and all other area users, - there is no safe period.

Easy of use

The starting point in the development of the Eco WeedKiller was to create a piece of equipment that anyone could operate after a short orientation period. One simply switches on the equipment, chooses either the weed control mode or disinfection mode, and the rest is taken care of by the Eco WeedKiller. This ensures that the equipment is always operated efficiently and within the right parameters.

Eco weedkiller

The main components of the equipment are: a diesel engine, high pressure pump, water heater, water tank and hose reels. The components have been selected based on high quality to ensure reliability and long lifetime, - not solely on price. As a result the carbon footprint of the equipment is smallest possible. The equipment is operated on diesel fuel, not on gasoline like most competitors’ similar equipment. Operating efficiency of the water heater is extremely high and the engine by German Hatz fulfills the tightest emissions requirements. Availability of spare parts and maintenance is ensured by the use of well known, high quality brand components.

The equipment may be transported in most vans and trailers fitted with a braking system. Alternatively the Eco WeedKiller may be fitted with a quick connect fitting, available in most commonly used types.

The equipment has a standard 310 liter water tank. Depending on the load bearing capacity of the transport vehicle, extra water tanks may be added as an option. Additionally, the inlet hose may be attached to the water mains at a site to fill the water tank.

The fuel tank holds enough fuel to last a minimum of one 8 to 10 hour work shift.

The Eco WeedKiller standard pressure water hose reel holds 80 meters of hose which allows an area of more than half a hectare to be treated at one time. This places us ahead our competitors. The cost efficiency may be improved by planning the work and the water logistics at a property in advance.

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Active substance
hot water

The effect of hot water in weed control is based on a sudden surge of thermal energy, which damages plant tissue. Water is a great medium in transferring heat due to its great heat capacity of 4,18 kj/K. In comparison, the heat capacity of steam and air is 2,08 and 1,01 respectively.

Many plants have a natural mechanism to protect them from fire but since hot water is not a natural threat to plants, they have not developed a mechanisms to protect themselves against it. Since water enters the vegetation and root system of a plant, thermal weed control makes it possible to kill plants

Use the equipment for

The Eco WeedKiller can be equipped with a disinfection mode. In this case, the equipment is supplied with an additional setting for both water pressure and temperature. This enables one to clean and disinfect at one time, and maintain a high utilization rate and gain cost savings as a result.