Tired of manual weeding and pesticides?

Easy weed control with 100°C water

How it works

All you need is water
The device heats the water to 100°C
Apply the water to the plants
Remove the dead plants as needed
Repeat 3-4 times yearly to destroy the roots



Eco Weedkiller is environment-friendly, and does not damage the treated surface


No toxins used - only regular water as active substance

Easy to use

No special training, permits or licenses required

Built to last

Simple to maintain & genuine spare parts available

Designed in Finland

Together with students and experts


For consumers

Eco Weedkiller Garden

The world's first weed control device with 100°C water for home gardeners and property owners.

For professionals

Eco Weedkiller Pro SP

Professional weed control

For professionals

Eco Weedkiller Pro

Professional weed control

Powered by100°C hot water

The effect of hot water in weed control is based on a sudden surge of thermal energy, which damages the plant tissue.

Many plants have a natural mechanism to protect them from fire. Since hot water is not a natural threat to plants, they have not developed mechanisms to protect themselves against it.